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WOMEN of EMPIRE 1914-1919 takes us into the lives of around thirty of the women of Australia and New Zealand whose lives were transformed by their experiences in the First World War.

Women with medical training - doctors, nurses, masseuses - joined the men on warships, at Gallipoli, in Egypt and on the Western Front.  Women with guts and determination drove ambulances, became cooks and orderlies, red cross aides or motor cycle messengers.

Less well known are the experiences of those who stayed on the home front and replaced the men on farms, in banks and offices or did voluntary work making comforts and clothing for the troops or raised money for the women and children of Europe displaced by the war raging around them.  And, of course, the army of women who kept businesses, farms and households afloat whilst their menfolk were away.

THIS IS HER STORY.  WOMEN OF EMPIRE EXHIBITION takes some of these women and fleshes out their stories in original costume of the era.

Women in uniform, working women, women campaigning against conscription, women fundraising, women in mourning.

WOMEN OF EMPIRE EXHIBITION is an important and evocative pop up exhibition of original WWI era costume staged by Dressing Australia - the Museum of Australian Costume. These significant pieces have been selected from the Dressing Australia Museum of Costume Collection one of the most extensive and important collections of period and vintage costume in Australasia.

In 2016 the WOMEN OF EMPIRE EXHIBITION will expand to truly cover the Women from the four corners of the British Empire with the inclusion of the women of Canada and South Africa who also have their story to tell.

2017 will see us add ‘FROM FIELDS OF FRANCE TO FIELDS OF HOME’ - the ‘peace’ exhibition that explores the lives of women at the end of the First World War.  Those that returned from service overseas, the women who nursed in the flu epidemic of 1918, those who took up ‘soldier settlement’, the women who were left single because of the loss of so many young men and the wives of the men who never returned or were ‘never the same again’.

Already this unique Australian exhibition has created interest throughout Australia and New Zealand as well as in the United Kingdom and Canada.  Over the coming four years WOMEN OF EMPIRE 1914-1919 will be seen in such diverse venues ranging from local council libraries to major museums.

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